Beauty Store Business

Beauty Store Business: September 2009

"A Study in Miniature: Hana Salon presents the Hana Mini Flat Iron that measures 5 inches long and extends to 8 inches for styling use. The iron features advanced tourmaline-ceramic plates and a fixed 410ºF temperature. It has a tangle-free swivel cord and comes with a silver-finished storage pouch, a foldout, heatproof mat and a special-edition tin case."

Ms. Fitness Magazine

Confessions of a Shopaholic

"The Hana Mini Flat Iron is very travel friendly. It's only 5 inches long yet it expands to a full 8 inches, which is the size of a standard flat iron. It's cute but gets the job done."

"Confessions of a Shopaholic" Tastemaker Event

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Hana recently participated in The Buzz Girls "Confessions of a Shopaholic" with Allure invitation-only tastemaker event celebrating the Bluray DVD launch of Confessions of a Shopaholic.

The event was covered by representatives from Allure magazine, EXTRA, In Touch, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, TV Guide Network, and more.

Beauty Store Business

Beauty Store Business

"A new pro in town."

"... the Hana Professional 1-inch Flat Iron... features floating, advanced tourmaline-ceramic-infused plates that auto adjust to glie over the hair. It can be used on damp or dry hair, and curls and straightens with equal ease. The iron offers styling heat from 140°F to 450°F."

Country Weekly Magazine

Hana Elite in Country Weekly Magazine, July 2009

"With 100% solid ceramic plates, this iron is one of the top products in its field, protecting hair each time you use it. It flash-heats in seconds and is safe to use on damp or dry hair ... You could have the best hair on your block!"

Modern Salon

Modern Salon Magazine

"Small, but mighty - good things do come in small packages!"

Dimitri James, Founder of SKINN Cosmetics

Dimitri James - Founder of SKINN Cosmetics

"A Hana flat iron is a styling tool must have for anyone who straightens their hair and for professional stylists everywhere. My Hana Elite is by my side always, for photo shoots, in salon and on the set."

- Dimitri James, Founder of SKINN Cosmetics; Cosmetologist, TV Personality & Author of Becoming Beauty

Jackie Silver, Tampa Bay Mix Radio

Jackie Silver - Tampa Bay Mix Radio

For the second time, Jackie Silver boasts about Hana Flat irons on Beauty School Wednesday on Tampa Bay Mix Radio 100.7 FM.

Jackie first sang the praises of the Hana Elite on May 6th. On May 13th, she introduced her audience to the Hana Mini.

Hana Featured in Beauty

"Hana's new mini flat iron is so high quality, you'll want to steal it from your daughter, or better yet, get one for yourself. They come in blue and pink and include a cute travel bag she'll love, but what makes the Hana Mini Flat Iron so cool is that it's only 5 inches long when collapsed, but it extends to 8 inches (the length of an average flat iron). The extension allows for easier use. What's makes this flat iron high quality is the tourmaline ceramic plates, which is necessary for salon results."

Marie Claire

Hana Featured in Marie Claire

"Pink Products for a Cause: Advanced Fusion Molding delivers glass-smooth ceramic-tourmaline plates while accelerated negative ion output repairs hair follicles, sealing in natural oils for a conditioned, sleek, salon shine that lasts all day. $25 of every purchase is donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure."

Stylist & Salon Newspapers

Hana Featured in Stylist & Salon Newspapers

"Most professional irons on the market are constructed of aluminum or metal base plates, coated with ceramic. The ceramic coating can peel or chip over time, leaving hair exposed to damaging positive ions from the heated metal underneath. The Hana Elite offers solid ceramic plates with no metal content. With pure ceramic plates, you receive only far-infrared heat....the ceramic heating elements are baked right between the layers, so they always have full contact and coverage over the entire plate. These heaters are also about three times the size of the heating elements used in the majority of salon irons. Even with these luxury features, the Hana Elite is priced affordably."

Boston Globe - Fashion Boston

Hana Featured in Fashion Boston

Take matters into your own hands with the incredibly easy to use, one inch Hana Elite flat iron. Just take the professional styling tool out of its heat-proof storing pouch and start curling, flipping or straightening your dry or even damp hair. (We test-drove it on straight, wavy, thick and think hair and got impressive results every time.) The solid ceramic plates not only ensure consistent heat, but also maximize negative ions so your hair gets conditioned while you style it. The plates' floating design and smooth grooves make for fewer snags and give more styling coverage. There's a five dial temperature setting, which makes it ideal for all hair types, from the baby fine to seriously coarse. It's energy efficient, too, and has an ergonomic design that makes it much less cumberson than most irons.

New York

One in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer at some point in their lifetime. Over 2 million are currently Breast Cancer survivors. Every October women come from all over the nation to support Breast Cancer walks, charities and various other functions or events to promote and raise money for the foundation. Hana enters the fight for this vital, ongoing cause with new Breast Cancer Awareness Special Edition Pink Professional flat irons in 1" & 1 1/2" plate sizes. A full $25.00 of every sale goes to Susan G. Komen For the Cure, a leading foundation for the aggressive promotion of breast cancer awareness and research.

Antonio Gonzales, Hair By Antonio

"Let’s cut to the chase here, this product works and honey, it works really well! The best Antonio Gonzales, master stylistpart of the Hana Iron was the shine it left on the hair. Honestly, I have never seen shine like this come from a flat iron unless, of course, product is added at the end. I could make hair curl, flip and fly with this mama."

Antonio is a frequent guest on Beauty Talk on Martha Stewart Living Radio. He was recently named "one of the rising hairstylist stars in NY" by Vogue, and works regularly with a celebrity clientele.

Jolie Magazine's J List

Jolie Magazine - J List

7 Things to Heat Up Summer: "#5. Smooth Tresses - The Hana Elite Professional Iron offers solid ceramic plates with no metal content to keep your crowning glory healthy and sleek." Read More...

New York

One of the most beloved rituals performed by women worldwide is the trip to the stylist. Sitting in their chair we laugh, cry and gossip and gab with the girls. But the main reason we continue our visits month after month and year after year is your stylist can do what no other can…completely transform your look and create luminous locks in the twist of a wrist, and in just minutes! Now if we could only channel their skills and bring their power into our own bathrooms daily. Hana has launched two luxury irons that give you smooth, silky, straight hair from the comfort of your own home.

The Hana Elite is truly elite among professional irons. 99% of ceramic flat iron manufacturers use metal baseplates, which produce damaging positive ions when heated. The Elite has solid 100% ceramic plates with no metal content, meaning you only get negative ions - the type that condition and protect your hair, repel frizz and humidity, and seal in natural moisture for a smooth, shiny finish. Heat is distributed more evenly and is retained better, so styling is faster and styles hold longer.

The few high end irons that do use pure ceramic feature light colored ceramic, which discolors or obtains a dingy look after only a couple uses. The Hana Elite irons are uniquely formulated in black 100% ceramic plates for a fresh and sleek appealing look to the iron that will last. Hana also constructs their irons exclusively in Korea, for premiere quality.

Hana’s Professional Iron contains Hana’s signature superior quality for a more moderate price, adding tourmaline to its plates for a boost in negative ions.

Without compromising quality or salon features, Hana is the new affordable luxury in hair care. With Hana’s advanced ceramic technology it takes seconds to grab even the curliest mane and give it a smooth texture and added shine, all while preserving the health and condition of the hair!